Funeral home gets therapy dog to comfort mourners

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PITTSFIELD, Mass. - Mourners at the Dwyer Funeral Home in Massachusetts are seeing something peculiar roaming the hallways of the mortuary — a real funeral crasher!

It's this furry funeral crasher named 'Greyce.'

"She just seems to know what to do," Greyce's owner Jody Tierney said.

"And seems to, like, instinctively know where to go," Robert Dwyer of the Dwyer Funeral Home said. "She seems to find the mourners and stand by their side."

Greyce is a natural at comforting others, and that's why the two-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever was trained and certified to be a therapy dog for a funeral home.

"She's so cute and fluffy!" one of the young mourner's commented.

"When someone is crying, she seems to pick out that individual and go over and maybe just put her head in their lap," Tierney said.

Even for this mom who came home to bury her mother.

"It really helps to have each other for support and love - and a dog too," Jennifer Schulze said. "Absolutely."

"And through her presence, she hopefully will alleviate some of the pain and suffering people are going through," Tierney said.

And since they say all dogs go to heaven, maybe Greyce brings a bit of heaven to everyone she greets.

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