Student expelled after wearing blackface to Frat Halloween party

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CONWAY, Ark. — When it comes to costumes and college, there are some definite do's and don'ts.

"Being black is not a costume," says Brenton Johnson, a senior at the University of Central Arkansas.

Many students at the UCA are outraged at a photo from a frat party over the weekend showing a white student in black face.  That is a definite don't!

"Certainly, this is serious," University President Tom Courtway said.

The student affairs division is investigating.

The University of Texas isn't taking any chances. Given the active Greek life on the Austin campus.  Administrators issued a 29-nine point checklist as a guide for party themes to avoid offending — well, anyone!

They say harmful themes that stereotype include cowboys and Indians, depicting life south of the border, ghetto garb, trailer trash, and rednecks.

If you wanna be politically correct, stick to super heroes, sports stars and celebrities!

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