Uber study: Women pay more and African-Americans wait longer

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We know you've heard the horror stories of black people  trying to catch cabs.

Well,  looks like ride discrimination comes through Uber too at least according to a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The study shows women pay more for Uber and African-Americans wait longer.

The research shows not only are black people more likely to wait longer or have their ride canceled, but women are being taken for longer rides, to either boost the fare or so drivers can flirt with passengers.

Noting that Uber shares names, but not photos with drivers, each rider in the study set up two different accounts and one with an African-American sounding' name and another with a 'white-sounding' name.

When it came to women, not only were they more prone to being overcharged, but female riders reported  'chatty' drivers taking them on longer routes.

In a statement,  Uber says discrimination has no place in society and no place in Uber.

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