Katy ISD’s $70.3 million stadium beats priciest high school football stadium in US

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KATY, Texas — It's time for another installment of Really?! If you live in or around the Bayou City, you really love high school football. And it's really not surprising how big the stadiums are here.

But Katy ISD...really? A $70.3 million stadium, really! It's the most expensive high school football stadium in the United States — a little much don't you think? That chuck of change makes Mckinney ISD's $69.9 million high school football stadium just outside Dallas look like a muddy puddle with some rocks tossed around it. OK...not really. But again, the price tags on these behemoths — really?!

Voters rejected a 2013 bond measure for $69.9 million, and instead voted in favor of a $58 million plan the next year. And where are we now? Back up to the original number. Many are suggesting the funds should be used to fund a new school for the overly crowded district. That'd cost the district about $30 million. Let's see, one outrageous stadium or almost two and a half new schools?


The stadium will have 12,000 seats and will service seven high schools including the Katy Tigers. It's right next door to the already established Jack Rhodes Memorial Stadium, and last we checked, football games are loud! So playing two right next door to each other may not be the best idea. Or is it?