Viral Video: Small child rides toy car into oncoming rush hour traffic

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LISHUI CITY, China — Here's a terrifying ride for a little boy in China — and it's all caught on camera!

The viral video shows the child as he rides his toy car straight into oncoming traffic during rush hour. A large shuttle bus narrowly misses him. As the boy pushes his car along, luckily, the parade of vehicles around him slow down.

A police officer finally spots him and dashes out into the street to save him as the child made his way across the road.

The officer — who was riding a scooter of his own — said he just happened to spot the boy and was able to rush in and rescue him before anything tragic happened. He found the boy's mother and was able to return him home safely.

It just makes you wonder, where on Earth was his mother? And how could she let this little guy get out of her sight?