Injured motorcyclist, trapped 30 hours in ravine, makes good-bye video to family

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Imagine a nice ride through the countryside — nothing but the open road and wind in your hair. Sounds great, right?

Kevin Diepenbrock and his friend Philip Polito were riding through Tennessee when tragedy struck, and the two motorcyclist ended up about 50 feet down a ravine.

Injured, Diepenbrock looked to his phone for help. He tried to dial 911 and send text messages, but there was no service. After couple hours, Diepenbrock started think it may be the end and decided to record a video for his family and friends.

Diepenbrock and Polito were trapped and helpless for nearly 30 hours until a passerby noticed the crash and called for help.

The men were found, but sadly Polito didn't make it.