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Is the Bush family going blue?

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HOUSTON — Is the Bush family going Blue?!

Texas' royal family may actually be switching sides for the 2016 presidential election.

While speaking Tuesday at a Republican rally in San Marcos, George P. Bush said his uncle, former president George W. Bush, may be casting his ballot for Hillary Clinton. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend spilled the beans about George H. W. Bush voting for Clinton as well back in September.

"I feel like most Republicans feel that they don't want to vote in this election, but we have to because it's our duty to do so," Lota Hahn said.

Davion Jenkins said he isn't surprised by the family's suspected transition from red to blue.

"It doesn't surprise me that the Bushes would change political parties parties in the middle of the stream," Jenkins said. "With Donald Trump being the way that he is and the political climate right now, it's not surprising at all."

Jeb Bush said he's not voting for Trump or Clinton, but will still be voting, numerous sources report.

"[I will] probably do a write-in of someone. Maybe Willie Nelson? Who knows," Julie Winters said.

As for mama Bush, the former-first lady Barbara Bush said she doesn't know how any woman could vote for Trump following his Megyn Kelly comments.

This election has been a weird one, no doubt.

Who would have thought George P. Bush may be the only Bush voting for Trump.