Lil Wayne apologizes for BLM movement comment

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NEW YORK — It's no surprise Lil Wayne likes to light up! Among other things, the rapper is lighting up social media.

During an interview, the self-described gangsta was asked for his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement. At first, he seemed dazed and then simply confused.

"What is it? What do you mean?" Lil Wayne asks in the video.

He basically dismissed the movement as just somebody getting shot by cops for some jacked up reason.

"I am a young, black, rich mother-----r. If that don't let you know that America understand that black lives matter these days, I don't know what it is. I don't feel connected to a damn thing that ain't got nothing to do with me," Lil Wayne said.

Twitter's having a field day.

One Twitter user calls him "white-washed."

Another said Lil Wayne has "officially lost his seat at the table."

One person admitted to loving his music, but said "he's clearly ignorant to what goes on around him."

Finally, on person points to the controversial artist as the perfect example of why celebrities "should never be used as a moral compass."

Lil Wayne didn't like some of the reporter's questions about his daughter and got agitated, TMZ said. Lil Wayne apologized to anyone offended by his rant, and said he put no thought into his answers.

Well, that's pretty obvious!