Pope Francis: Women forever banned from priesthood

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VATICAN CITY — When the Pope speaks, people usually listen. However, his latest statement has some followers of the Catholic Church hoping it was a joke.

Pope Francis basically told every woman they will never serve as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. And according to Francis, that ban is eternal.

It's almost 2017, what does that make the Vatican? A man cave?

The pope is referencing a document written by St. John Paul the Second, which states women can never join the priesthood. The Pope went on to say women do "many other things better than men."

The Women's Ordination Conference said it's a little more optimistic.

"In this space, we wrestled with the damaging effects of oppressive structures, knowing that patriarchy and hierarchy hurts us all. We discovered, time and again, that by sharing a equals and asking hard questions, we can transform ourselves, our church and our world," the conference said in a statement.

Oh, and a little prayer couldn't hurt either!