Houston brewery Karbach acquired by Anheusier Busch Inbev

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HOUSTON - Karbach Brewery is tapping out of local ownership.

"Today is a huge milestone in the history of Karbach Brewing Company" said Karbach brewmaster Eric Warner.

Set to be acquired by  Anheuser-BuschInBev Houston's own Karbach is the latest U.S. craft brewery acquired by a global beer giant.

"Time will tell about Karbach," said Mark O'Brien, owner of beer tour company Brew Trek Houston.

"There is something about being that Texas local craft beer and a local Texas craft brewery that somehow is going to be changed a little bit because they're not owned locally anymore," said O'Brien.

Some beer drinkers are upset and took those frustrations to Karbach's Facebook page.

'Sell outs! a Non-American company owns you" referring to Inbev's headquarters in Belgium.

'Best of luck to you. I'm very disappointed though. I loved your beer but since this decision, I wont drink another drop of it."

But despite the critics, Karbach says they're bigger and better.

"I would say to those who are disappointment check in on the quality of the beer," said Warner.

"I'm not going anywhere, I'm the brewmaster, with our brewing team we've helped take all the Karbach beer to a very high level of quality that we're going to continue to maintain and make even better."