Simon Says: Many of you don’t vote, and don’t do much else!

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So, how are you feeling?

Had it up to here with your friend who thinks Trump is  great?

Can’t stand your neighbor who is with Clinton?

Tired of the talk about Emails, Access Hollywood, Wiki leaks and Taxes?

It’ll be over soon, but what about the complaining? I don’t think so!

Have you noticed  we are a country of big talkers and not much else. So many of you are good at sitting on your butt and criticizing  and doing nothing about it.

Consider this: four years ago 93 million eligible people did not vote 93 million! 

I’m sure many of them did do a lot of complaining about Obama and Romney but they didn’t vote.

So this time around if you prefer your couch to Trump or Clinton, you can stuff it!

No one cares if you have an opinion after Election Day.

We are the 50 states of “denial”, people, and it’s more than just on Election Day.

Pay your Taxes? You look for a way to avoid it. (Read: How mega rich avoid paying taxes.)

Get called for  jury duty? A third of you show-up. According to the Houston Chronicle, only a third of those summon for jury duty actually show up. 

Help out a charity lately? Numbers suggest you’re not as giving with money and your time.

Seriously , when was the last time you volunteered for something?

A growing number of Americans, but troubling numbers in volunteering rates.

So, if I just described you and you will be home on Election Day, we’ve got a problem. Shut-up for the next four years and do something. Work on your civic duty because this poop is about to get real.