Swiss company unveils drones ready to become your home security system

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ZURICH, Switzerland - Welcome to the dawn of the drones!

Soon you can have your own personal security guard for your home, 24/7,  to keep an eye on the place and get rid of bad guys with a new home security drone!

A Swiss company called Sunflower Labs has developed a high-tech way to secure your home.

Using special "smart lights" around the yard, sensors detect if any unauthorized individuals have entered your property.

Then, a signal is sent to your smart phone allowing you to send your drone in flight to further detect the intruders and send live drone video to your phone.

It even allows you to call the cops, if you need to.

Some companies are already using drones to patrol parking lots and other spaces for security.

Geez, with all these drones in the air, it's almost like the future is already here.

Of course, if you'd rather stay grounded and go "old school," it's still hard to beat a good guard dog!