Hidden messages across city remind us why ‘Houston Rocks’

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HOUSTON - The saying of someone is "between a rock and a hard place" might now have a solution — artsy rocks!

Inspired by a group in Baytown, Angela Marshall started Houston Rocks, an organization that paints rocks and leaves them around the city. Sometimes the rocks feature art and other times inspirational phrases.

"I started it to get people out in the community, you know find a rock, get creative, paint it," Marshall said. "You can keep a rock, you can replace it somewhere else, it's up to you."

The rocks aren't meant to be hidden too much, as the goal is for people to find and see them!

"If someone is walking around and finds one of the rocks, I just hope it brightens their day," Marshall said. "I love Houston, so anything I can do to get people out and just see this awesome city."

To view the Houston Rocks page on Facebook, click here.

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