South Carolina woman held captive nearly 70 days by possible serial killer

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SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. - Held captive for nearly 70 days,  Kala Brown was found alive Thursday after deputies heard a loud banging coming from a metal storage container on the property of registered sex offender, Todd Kohlhepp.

“This is stuff you see in the movies... I wouldn't chain my dog up like that and leave it in a container that has no lights. You know, she spent a lot of her time in the darkness,” says Sheriff Chuck Wright of Spartanburg County, SC.

After Kala and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, both went missing in late August, their friends and neighbors launched a search by hanging flyers all over the City of Anderson.

The case drew national attention when someone continued updating their Facebook profiles, and responded to messages.

"I don't know what tip lead them to where she is, but it did bring her home,” expressed Kala’s friend Lindsey Mayson .

Kohlhepp was arrested shortly after the discovery. According to Kala`s friends, she had been working with the accused kidnapper through his real estate business.

Kala`s boyfriend, Charlie, is still missing and presumed dead. At Kohlhepp`s bond hearing, prosecutors say Kala witnessed her boyfriend`s murder.

“She was there when they got there August 31, went down knocked on the door at the two car garage and witnessed the defendant shoot Charles David Carver,” Spartanburg County Solicitor Barry Barnette told the judge.

Kala, also, told investigators she knew of four bodies buried near where she was held captive and a grim discovery leads investigators to suspect they may be dealing with a serial killer.

“We did find a body in a shallow grave on this piece of property... We`re not done here, we`re not gonna be done here…” said Sheriff Wright, addressing the press.

Kohlhepp remains in custody, charged with kidnapping, and prosecutors say a murder warrant is in the works.

Investigators continue to comb through nearly 100 acres of Todd Kohlhepp’s property, terrified by what they may find next.

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