Squirrel attacks seniors in Florida

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DELTONA, Fla. - You'd have to hear it believe but one 911 operator did just that after taking a distressed call in Florida.

CALLER:  "We had a squirrel that entered our building and it's in our activity room. It's jumping on people and biting them and scratching them.

That's right, a squirrel attacked seniors at a retirement home in Florida.

CALLER: "I don' t know if we need an ambulance, but we need some care for people here.T he people are bleeding."

911 OPERATOR:  "I'm trying to determine what kind of assistance you need. So can you verify no one is left in the room?"
CALLER: "There is another person in there. The squirrel has been taken outside, but we need help for the people."

911 OPERATOR: "How many people were bitten?
CALLER:  "At least 3 or 4, possibly more."

Those who did get attacked by the squirrel will be just fine, and as for the squirrel, no word on whether it was captured or is on the hunt for another home to terrorize.

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