Houston Press Best of Houston®: Kung Fu Saloon has best bar games in H-Town

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HOUSTON — Looking to reconnect with your inner child? Well look no further!

Selected for having the best bar games in Houston by The Houston Press, Kung Fu Saloon is a playground for adults.

"We have a lot of games," Alex Deanda said. "The majority of our games are a little old school: anything from Ms. Pac-Man, Centipeded, Buck Hunter, Blitz."

The saloon is a perfect spot to escape from your everyday life and relive your youth when you're feeling nostalgic.

"Just the memories of being a kid playing the games," Bryan White said. "We're all in our 30s. We all work jobs now. We have time to play some games and kind of kick back a little bit and relax."

Houstonians enjoyed Halloween at Kung Fu Saloon, dressing up as characters from their favorite childhood games. The bar also offers reservations for its private karaoke rooms for you and your friends to rock out. So forget you're a grown-up for a while and challenge a friend to a game of Foosball or maybe ski ball if that's more your speed.

The bar has a laid back vibe mixed with a nightclub feel, making Kung Fu Saloon is a go-to game spot no matter what you mood.