Democrats excited by high early voter turnout in Latino communities

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HOUSTON — The Latino community is seeing a huge jump in turnout in early voting.

A 26 percent increase for Texas Latinos in the 20 most populated counties since the last presidential race. And here in Houston, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Democrats believe that means good things for Hillary Clinton.

“The surge is there, it's gonna continue, you saw the great turnout here at this event,” said Sylvia Garcia, Democrat State Senator District 6 .

“They're doing that because Hillary Clinton is a great candidate, and also because Donald Trump doesn't belong anywhere near that oval office,” said Julián Castro, a former Democrat mayor in San Antonio.

Nobody knows for sure yet what higher Latino turnout means, but members of the community understand the assumption.

“Not because we agree on the stuff that Hillary Clinton is saying, because we’re just basically voting against Donald Trump,” Aldo Carrizales said.

“Because the way he talks about people and the way he don`t respect the Latino community,” Mark Rodriguez said.

Still, it may not be as forgone a conclusion as some people think.

“You see 'Latinos for Trump' or other groups that have kinda grown out, you see'em on Facebook. That they are supporting Trump and they're vocal about it,” said Baldomero Garza, a board member for the Hispanic Citizens in Action.

Garza said many Latinos recognize that voting Republican is in their best interest.

“We believe in God, we believe in family, we believe in hard work,” Graza added.

Even so, Trump might have a hard time this go around.

“I do want a Republican in office...I just don't like Trump,” Maya Rivera said.

Whichever way Latinos are voting, the important thing is that they are voting! Which we all should be! Ideally for someone you want — and not just against someone you don't.