Big issues facing next administration

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HOUSTON — America's got more at stake than who moves into the white house. We’ve got issues. Big issues! With all the campaign shenanigans, it's easy to forget what the next administration will need to deal with as soon as possible.

International security is a never-ending struggle for the U.S. and ISIS seems to be at the heart of the matter. Republicans and democrats are on opposite ends of the foreign policy spectrum.

Then there's that little matter of immigration.

Millions of undocumented folks are living here. But reforming the system is politically touchy. It's been something every presidential wannabe has promised for decades. Easier said than done.

Next, the economy.

To cut taxes or not to cut taxes? That's seems to be just one of the questions political parties answer differently. That and anything concerning trade.

Another biggie involves the Supreme Court of the United States.

We're one judge short since the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. Filling the vacancy adds another critical item to the president's “to do list.” The high court will probably rule on things like abortion and immigration.

And you think you've got issues!