Some Americans heading for Canada in fear of Trump presidency

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HOUSTON — Do the these words make you want to pack your bags: president Donald Trump?

After Tuesday night's election results, it seems some Americans would rather leave than live in a country ran by The Donald.

"I would love to go to Canada. Take me with you. Do not mind, gimme maple syrup, I'll give you tacos! Look at that!" Adalee Martinez said laughing.

Others aren't too quick to buy a plane ticket but are prepared if the moment strikes.

"I think cooler heads will prevail, and if it's as bad as we think it is at this moment, I might start packing myself. " Kat Behaine said.

Meanwhile, Celebs took to Twitter to voice their outrage. And it seems Canada will welcome Americans with open arms, given the country's immigration website won't crash again.

Some people have been encouraging others to get  involved rather than throwing in the towel.

"I think it's not a good idea to cut and run. I think we stick it out and things will all work out if we all work together," Pam Penn said.

You said it, let's work together! Whether you want to jump ship or not.