Simon Says: I was Wrrrrrrrrr…about Trump, but the signs were there!

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Everyone is doing their own post-mortem on Trump pulling the upset. I had  mine all planned out and was going to start it with something  I said over a year ago,

“ Yeah, he won’t be President.”

I was then going to go on about how he really could have won the election if he would’ve just calmed down, played nice, and was a Donald instead of a d%ck!

But man, a lot of people, including myself,  are now  finding the words…… I WAS WRONG!

A Trump win may help make ‘America Great Again’, but it’s also great lesson in hindsight.  Think about it , it’s giving us an opportunity to look back and see things  that make a President Trump not seem so surprising.

Trump is  not the first celebrity elected to public office. It took me less than a minute to make a list that included Jesse Ventura, Fred Grandy, Al Franken, Sonny Bono, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan. All of you know how they spent their time before they spent tax dollars.

Yes, the signs have been  there for years. Especially the one that reads “No Experience Needed” when it comes to politics.

However, remember the experience with Trump. It proves if you really want a glimpse of the future, take a close look at your present.

So don’t forget,  hindsight is 2020!

It really is, because in 2020 we could be dealing with this kind of thing all over again.

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