Swedish man puts himself up for auction on eBay

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CNN — Noticing that Donald Trump’s victory left some people in the US feeling miserable, one Swede decided to make a unique offer that he hoped would cheer them up a bit.

Gustav Hallén, 30, from Stockholm, put himself up for auction for $50,000 on eBay, offering to marry any American who wants to flee the States and take up Swedish citizenship.

“US just become the land of the free to leave. Why not move to a better place? Like Sweden,” read his listing.

“Open for all suggestions female, male and others. Likes long walks and Netflix and chill.”

Hallén, who works as a photographer, art director and surf instructor, said in his item description that he has “some weather damages and minor eye problems. But overall good physical health and a fine specimen.”

The blond 6-foot-tall Swede did not receive any bids before eBay removed his listing Thursday. He told CNN the listing was meant as a joke.

“I noticed the reactions to the election result on Facebook — people were upset so I just thought I would do something fun for my friends to laugh at,” he explained.

“I set the price so high that I wouldn’t get an offer. It was just for fun. Then I saw a lot of people were sharing it. The best thing was the reaction. People laughed at it.”

Asked what he would do if someone had met his asking price, Hallén replied: “Then I would have to figure out how to tell my mom and dad.”

Hallén’s offer of citizenship may be a joke but some Americans are apparently considering leaving the country in the wake of Trump’s election victory over Hillary Clinton.

The number of US visitors to New Zealand’s immigration websites spiked after the result and there was so much interest in moving to Canada that its immigration website crashed.

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