Houston Press Best of Houston®: Best dance club

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HOUSTON — Looking for a place to shake what'cha mama gave yah?

Arlo's Ballroom has been named Best Dance Club in Houston by the Houston Press. Located in an old farmhouse, Arlo's is not your traditional discothèque.

"Traditionally, night clubs are in warehouses and big cavernous spaces," co-owner Ryan Supak said. "We wanted to do something that was small and intimate and warm and sentimental that would create a really fun and free vibe — a really tight knit vibe with people, like being at a really great house party."

It seems even the DJs at Arlo's are breaking the mold.

"The role of the DJ in 2016 to me in Houston is not to break new track, is not to make taste, is not to challenge people — people don't come here to be challenged," Supak said. "They come here to hear songs that they enjoy, dance with their friends and have a great time."

Andrea Bailey told NewsFix about her experience at the nightclub.

"Me and my girls got on the dance floor — the owner was actually DJ'ing," she said. "He let us pick whatever songs we wanted."

With a mixed crowd and no dress code, everyone is encouraged to be themselves and come as they are.

"It's all inclusive," co-owner Sara Van Buskirk said. "No dress code. No any stipulation on you. You can come any way you are to have a good time."

Open every night of the week, you can count on Arlo's Ballroom whenever you catch a case of dance fever.

"It's a mixed vibe, which is really cool. That's the whole EaDo vibe anyway," Bailey said. "Anything you wear, any kind of person you are, from preppy to emo, to jocks, everybody fits in here. Nobody judges. Everybody likes each other."

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