Seven underground sorority sisters arrested for hazing, accused of gross and horrifying acts

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ALBANY, N.Y. - Talk about a bunch of mean girls!

A female student at the University of Albany says she was the victim of hazing after trying to join an underground sorority on campus.

"I went in with a lot of anxiety because I was scared and you just know they're going to yell at you," the student, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared.

Yeah, she says the group was an underground version of the sorority-- Alpha Omicron Pi -- and they really terrified and degraded fellow pledges!

"They would say like 'you're worthless' or 'you're a stupid b***h.' Some of us got stepped on, and like they're all wearing heels," she recalled.

She even claims she and other pledges were forced to drink excessive amounts of vodka! "And a lot of us got sick," she said.

Even worse.....pledges accused the underground "sisters" of pouring rotten milk, eggs, moldy food, and even a urine-smelling substance on their heads, mouths, and bodies.

"Another one of my pledge sisters-- they made her put onions in her pants, and they would hit her."

Now, seven female students have been arrested for hazing, and this student claims these are some of the sorority sisters who verbally abused her and even warned all pledges that they were to keep the whole underground group a secret on campus.

"They would say you don't look at me on campus," she insisted. "You don't say 'hi' to me on campus. You don't acknowledge me on campus. If I even see you smile at me on campus I'll make your life a living hell."

So far, the university has no comment on the hazing allegations, but a rep from Alpha Omicron Pi says they have not been a sorority on the campus since 2014.

Sounds like some would-be sorority sisters got taken for a bad ride!

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