‘Stop it’: President-elect Donald Trump overwhelmed with recent surge in hate crimes

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NEW YORK — Enough is enough.

President-elect Trump tells supporters to knock it off with the hate crimes and harassment. The southern poverty law centers said it has counted more than 300 cases since Election Day.

This comes as the FBI reports hate crimes jumped nearly 7 percent in 2015 and crimes against Muslims surged to it its highest since 9/11. Sixty percent of the crimes were racially motivated, another 20 percent were religious bias and 17 percent were because of the victim's sexual orientation.

For instance, a church in Maryland was vandalized and a swastika drawn on the door of a New York college suite where three Jewish women live. "Hail trump" appears on a bus stop bench at the University of California at San Diego. Someone calling himself 'Daddy Trump' adds black students at the University of Pennsylvania to a racist GroupMe message with a calendar invite to daily lynchings. And a mob in Chicago drags a man out of his car and beats him for the way he voted.

We echo the words “stop it.”   But we also hope a plan is soon to follow and that trump leads by example.

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