Week after Trump’s historic win — political, racial tensions still running high

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Tensions are running high a full week after Donald Trump won the presidency.

At this anti-Trump rally at Ohio State University, campus police rush in to haul off a man who tackled the rally leader as the amped-up crowd begins chanting and gesturing. The university issued a statement last week that it is concerned about verbal assaults on campus since the election.

Meantime, racial tensions in particular seem to be on the rise, and that tension reared it's ugly head in Maryland after this Spanish church sign was vandalized and this message scribbled on the back: "Trump nation, Whites only."

Church officials said the same message was also written on the wall of the church's cemetery.

And on the campuses of Southern Methodist University and the University of Oklahoma, racist fliers are being circulated with the headline: "Why White Women Shouldn't Date Black Men."

"Messages like that are intended to invoke fear or something like that in us, but the thing is, we aren't going anywhere," OU's NAACP President Austyn Williams said. "This is home for us."

"They keep trying to break us down, but it's not going work," Nadja Theodore said.

"I don't think it responsible to blame the election, but I definitely think people are more comfortable in saying these racist things and doing these racist actions across these campuses," press secretary Chelsea Davis said.

At SMU, officials issued a statement saying:

"SMU condemns the racist and hateful message in these fliers."

But plenty of college campuses across the country were in full protest-mode Tuesday as a national walk-out to protest Trump's win occurred from coast to coast.

With so much division, one can only wonder when will we ever be united again.