Denver becomes first U.S. city to allow public pot smoking in bars and restaurants

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DENVER — Colorado keeps giving new meaning to 'Rocky Mountain High.'

And now Denver is the first U.S. city to allow smoking pot in public! Voters approved a new ballot initiative that allows smoking and eating pot in certain bars and restaurants in the mile-high city.

The historic "initiative-300" officially passed Tuesday night with 53 percent of the vote —  meaning one thing for Mary Jane lovers everywhere.

"We have millions of people visiting the state of Colorado," campaign director Emmet Reistroffer said. "Many of them trying cannabis, nowhere to go."

But now pot smokers have a choice!

No, they don't have to go overseas to Amsterdam. Now they can head to Denver, instead.

"I also think it's important they have somewhere to go where staff is trained because we want to promote responsible use," Reistroffer said.

But there are a few conditions. Bars and restaurants have to apply for a city permit and get neighborhood approval for their weed festivities, but officials say that will help keep the public safe.

Still, there's also one final catch for the cannabis clan: B.Y.O.W. — as in, you have to bring your own weed!

So, it might be awhile before bar owners are saying, 'This bud's for you!'