‘Hitler 2.0’: HISD trustee jumps in on Trump controversy

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HOUSTON — He hasn't even taken office yet, but Donald Trump's election seems to be affecting the whole country. Politicians in Houston are even jumping into the controversy.

Houston Independent School District trustee Jolanda Jones fired off a controversial tweet about the president-elect, and she's not backing down.

The post reads: "Trump is Hitler 2.0.'"

"He's a misogynist. He's a racist. He wants to build a wall. He wants to get rid of immigrants. Even though his wife was here undocumented," Jones said. "The thought process behind it is that we can't allow Donald Trump to be normal. And I think people become complacent when they think things are normal. People wonder. How did Hitler rise to power? Because he said stuff and people didn't take him seriously. They thought people had better sense than that."

Needless to say, the analogy drew jeers from other twitter users.

One user posted, "Explain when trump spoke of murdering people based on religion or race. we will wait." Another called Jones a "Racist!" and a "Race baiter!"

Jones defended the tweet saying, "The thing that totally blows my mind is that people are worried more about me tweeting 'Hitler 2.0' than we are about him saying 'grab the pussy.'"

Jones also said it's her right as an American to express her opinion however she sees fit. Now that's a lesson we learned first from future President Trump.