Ivanka Trump slammed for using ’60 Minutes’ to market her jewelry line 

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NEW YORK — Talk about product placement!

Ivanka Trump is getting social media backlash after her jewelry company aggressively marketed an $11,000 diamond bracelet she wore during a "60 minutes" interview with her family Sunday.

The company sent out an email blast to reporters following the high profile interview pointing out that the pricey bracelet happens to be Ivanka Trump's favorite from her "Metropolis" collection.

The future first daughter showed off the high-end accessory as her father gave his first post-election press interview.

But that did not sit too well with the press, who criticized Ivanka for turning the serious news item into a sales opportunity.

The jewelry company has apologized since the ordeal, claiming the employee who sent out the email blast is "still making adjustments post-election."

But some say this incident raises serious questions about the ethics involved in the Trump family as Donald Trump enters the White House.

A few years ago, Ivanka Trump shared her philosophy about successful branding with her followers.

"I think branding is about integrity, it's about consistency, it's about having a very well-honed voice and perspective," she said.

Well, now it looks like the president-elect's daughter may need to do a better job of practicing what she preaches.