Obama promises NATO support will continue on final trip to Greece

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ATHENS, Greece — President Obama is on one final diplomatic mission in Europe.

He reassured Europeans that America will continue to support the NATO alliance during a trip to the country Wednesday, despite comments made by President-elect Donald Trump.

"That commitment will continue, including our pledge and our treaty obligation to defend every ally," the president said.

During the campaign, Trump implied that the U.S. would not come to the aid of NATO countries who are behind on payment.

"All I'm saying is they have to pay," Trump told CBS's Lesley Stahl. "Now a country gets invaded, they haven't paid. Everyone says 'Oh we have a treaty.' They have a treaty too. They're supposed to be paying. We have countries within NATO that are taking advantage of us."

Greece is currently in its seventh year of an extreme debt crisis. And with that in mind, President Obama took a jab at Donald Trump's billionaire lifestyle.

Obama told the crowd, "When the rich and powerful appear to game the system and accumulate vast wealth while middle and working class families struggle to make ends meat, this feeds a profound sense of injustice."

Next up, President Obama heads to Germany.