Oops! Millions of US cellphones accidentally send private info to company in China

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WASHINGTON — Are you an Android user and don't like paying more than 50 bucks for a phone? Have we got a deal for you!

High-definition display! Fast data! And a brand new secret feature you won't want to miss. Buy a phone from companies like ZTE or Huawei and receive a pre-installed program that sends all of your data to China.

It comes free with over 700 million phones and other smart devices worldwide. Every 72 hours, the phone will simply let a company in China monitor where you go! Who you talk to! And what you write in your text messages. What could be better? Right?

So, share your contact info, emails, and call logs. It's not like we would have known the feature was on our phones anyway. Only please (For the love of God!) Keep the phone away from the Clinton’s camp.

Just kidding.

On a more serious note.

A lawyer for the Chinese software company Adups says the spying software was supposed to give the company data on it's local users and was never intended to be on U.S. phones! The Florida based company Blu Products says they've already removed the feature from their devices.

So if you really want one, get one today!