What does the dirt on your phone say about you?

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HOUSTON — We've all heard it: you can tell a lot about someone by going through their trash. Right? Well, the '80s called, and they want their out-of-date saying back.

It's almost 2017!  We now say, you can tell a lot by what's on their cell phone. Biochemists at the University of California San Diego claim the crud covering the screen and case of your phone can spill the beans on just about everything you ever wanted to know about a person. Are you a coffee drinker? Do you lather on the sunscreen? What medications are you taking?

The researchers said some particles like Deet, the active ingredient in insect repellent can stay on the surface of a phone for up to five months. So, which is it, Beer or wine? Your phone doesn't lie.

Nobody is trying to replacing the fingerprint any time soon, but if this helps in catching a bad guy from time to time. We say swab away!