Cannabis biscuits for dogs! Utah company strikes gold 

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SALT LAKE CITY — The popularity of weed may be growing around the country, but not just for humans. Man's best friend can now discover the power of cannabis!

Co-owners Aspen Anderson and Luke Shaw of Desert Raw Holistic Pet said their hemp biscuits put some extra pep in their pet's step.  He said it's the company's No. 1 seller.

Pet owner Cody Bandley said her dog starts to pace and become restless in the evening. She said since feeding her dog these special biscuits made from hemp, her pup couldn't be better.

"This is the best I've ever seen her," Bandley said. "No side-effects. I mean, she just seems as calm as can be. Relaxed."

Founder Dave Merrell of Healthy Hemp Pet also said the biscuits are awesome.

"Some of these letters are tear-jerkers," Merrell said. "We got a member of our family back."

The dog treats aren't necessarily made with weed however, Merrell said.

"When it comes to a hemp plant, there's no psychotropics in it. There's no THC in it," he said.

No, it's not going to get your pooch high, but dogs still seem to love it.  Anderson said the biscuits seem to help treat a number of pet ailments including joint pain, arthritis and anxiety.

"Right off the bat, I was very impressed," veterinarian Dr. Kimberly Henneman said. "Primarily, we're recommending it for lameness and soreness, where we have a diagnosis."

It seems to really have an effect on older dogs, too.

"He jumped into the car a lot more," pet owner Lynn Peak said about her dog, Jack. "That's something that shows promise for me. If Jack can be a little bit happier in his old age, I definitely think it's worth it."