It’s Texas Adoption Day! Dozens of Houston’s children adopted 

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HOUSTON — Some local kids have one more thing to be extra thankful for this Thanksgiving season —a new home!

"It is such a blessing for this day," Houston mom Emma Cook, who has fostered 48 children and adopted four kids, said. "He said, 'Ma, I can't sleep because tomorrow is adoption day. I can't believe it. I'm gonna be adopted.'"

Child Protective Services held it's annual mass adoption on Friday, and over 40 CPS children were adopted into their new "forever homes."

"Today we adopted Zoey, she's our fourth child to adopt," another mom, Candice, said. "Our older two were adopted in 2011, and my son was adopted last year."

"This is Arthur Cook and this is Keane Cook. They've been in my home for almost four years, and I've adopted four children," Cook said.

"Just exciting," Candice added. "It's just...I've had her since she was two months, so it feels like she's always been with us."

November is Adoption Awareness Month, and CPS says there are still nearly 6,400 kids across the state waiting to be adopted,  and over 1,200 children right here in the Houston area.

"They come into your house, they're broken, they're abused, they're neglected. It's a lot of work," Cook said. "But if you have God in it, I know that it will definitely work," Cook said.

If you may be interested in adoption, these families say it will change your lives forever!

"Adoption is awesome. If you can do it, if you feel it's in your heart, then go for it," Candice said.

"To be able to be here with these families....seeing them go through it, it rocks!" C.K. from Bikers Against Child Abuse said.

"These kids- when they touch your heart, you have to do it," Cook revealed. "It's like this school year, I couldn't let them go. I just could not let them go."