Quintuplets born on mother’s birthday

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LEXINGTON, Ky. — Talk about beating the odds and making an entrance. A mother in Kentucky just gave birth to quintuplets!

Katie and Lucas Schaftlein's five little ones made their debut on Nov. 11. As if giving birth to five babies wasn't already extraordinary, they were born on their mother's birthday.

The babies were born premature after only 30 weeks, but they must have been eager to make it to mom's birthday party.

Katie Schaftlein said, "We're overjoyed. We've never been happier because anything could have gone wrong but they're so stable and so healthy."

The family of four has now ballooned to nine! And mom and dad are getting to know the new additions to the crew.

The mom said, "Sadie was the smallest and whenever she was in my belly, she would move all the time and that's exactly how she is right now. She moves all the time. She cannot sit still."

But now dad has a wife and five kids with the same birthday, saying, "I think I'm going to need some gift cards to go buy some presents next year. It's gonna be a very special day."

It's okay, Dad. It's better to give than receive.