Arizona facility cryo-preserves the dead for second chance at life, deceased British girl has cryo-wish granted

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Talk about life

At a facility in Arizona, there are currently 149 patients who are frozen with their bodies preserved in these futuristic cryogenic chambers-- resting in peace-- a cool 320 Degrees below zero!

They're called "patients," because even though they're dead, they are constantly being monitored.

They even have CT scans taken of their brains!

There are elderly patients and young children....even pets.

"We have Christians, and Jews, and Muslims and Buddhists," Max More, CEO/President of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, declared.

In October, a British girl who died of cancer had her last wish granted by a court in the UK-- having her body frozen so she can rise again someday.

She told a relative, "I'm dying, but I'm going to come back again in 200 years."

Now her body is in another American facility with "patients" baseball legend Ted Williams, who's rumored to be a patient at the Arizona facility.

But it's definitely pricey to go the 'cryo' path after death, costing anywhere from $80,000 to $200,00!

And the moment you are pronounced 'dead,' your body has to be lowered into a bath of liquid nitrogen.

"That's one of the common misconceptions- that we're freezing people," More explained. "We're actually trying to avoid freezing people. So, what we do is introduce a very high concentration of cryo-protective solution....kind of a medical-grade anti-freeze."

What's the payoff?

Hoping for a day when technology catches up to a "cure" for what killed you.

"I truly believe at some not too distant future, people will look back on today, and they'll just be really puzzled as to why you took our loved ones and threw them in the ground," More predicted. "When we could have cryo-preserved them."