Child pulled from rubble in Aleppo

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ALEPPO, Syria — The civil war in Syria does not appear to be slowing down. New footage from Aleppo shows a dramatic, gut-wrenching rescue. A six-year-old boy was pulled from the rubble of a bombed-out building!

Volunteers with the Syrian civil defense group — called White Helmets — had to dig through debris for hours to reach the crying child. The boy's mother was killed in the attack, along with at least 20 other people, during the third day of renewed Russian-Syrian bombings.

The bombardments ended a four-week long pause to the fighting. More than 40 air strikes and barrel bombs hit rebel-held neighborhoods in east Aleppo alone. The UN said a quarter of a million people live in Aleppo's opposition-controlled neighborhoods, effectively under siege by the Syrian army.

It has created a humanitarian crisis where supplies of food, water, medicine and fuel are severely depleted  as winter approaches.

The Syrian civil war has been waging for five years now, and with a new year around the corner, let's hope it's the last of this horrific, bloody conflict.