Is Houston the next Comedy Mecca?

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HOUSTON - With how crazy the world’s been lately, we could all use a good laugh.

The Secret Group, a new Houston comedy and entertainment club wants to help you forget about how much everything sucks, so they created the first Comedy Festival Houston has seen in years.

“Houston is the third or fourth largest city in the country. And it had no comedy festival so it just made sense," said Andrew Youngblood, a Co-Founder of the Secret Group and Come and Take It: Comedy Takeover.

“We wanted to make a pure comedy festival to highlight the local talent because you’ll see a ton of incredibly funny local people and a lot of people don’t even know about until you see them. A good way to see them is to watch them open for a big name that wouldn’t necessarily come to Houston if it weren’t for the Festival," expressed Stephen Brandau, a Co-Founder of the Secret Group.

This weekend, some massively popular comedians, such as Tim Meadows, Maria Bamford, and Joey Diaz from all over the world are invading the East Downtown club, and those who care about comedy think that it’s high time for H-town to be recognized as a stand up hot spot.

“Houston has a fantastic comedy scene. We have a lot of talent here that’s really unsung. No one really knows that it’s good here, but it is," said Comedian Gabe Bravo.

“Houston is a diverse city. There’s diverse comics and there’s diverse rooms now.” Said Comedian Matthew Broussard.

But the scene is still growing. There’s more than a dozen venues in the city that host stand up and improv, which is up from last year.

It’s safe to say that 2016 has been huge for comics taking the stage in space city.

“We host an open mic night every Sunday, and I’ve seen this year, 50 new comics come up. Right now there’s about 300 active comics in the city. It’s gotten better that there are more audience members now, there are more comics now, There are better comics, and now it’s fun because there are more opportunities for local shows.” Thought Brandeau.

And even though it’s all in good fun, local comics couldn’t take their joking more seriously.

“It’s important because life is hard. Life is hard and we all need to laugh.” Expressed Youngblood.

“This is my home. This is where I belong. It’s cool to see all like minded people join together for the sake of making people laugh.” Said Comedian Jacob Calle.