Click, click, click! Creepy new website tells visitors exactly what they’re doing

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HOUSTON — Ever feel like you’re being watched online?

Well, thanks to a creepy new website somebody is watching you!

Visitors to the site are in for one tripped out experience!

As soon as you enter the domain, the site starts telling you what you've been up to, like how many websites you've just browsed, what kind of data usage your computer has, it even tells you what direction you're moving your mouse on the screen in real time.

And it actually does tell you because the site talks to you in the form of a weird, creepy guy!

The website is actually just a big white screen with a large green button, but developers claim it's not harmful to your computer.

The Dutch creators said they developed the harmless site to demonstrate how our online actions are constantly being measured.

They feel it's a fun way to dramatize just how much others online are profiling us and gathering data on us.

Well, guess it's cheaper than visiting a psychologist!

So, click to enter the Click, Click, Click site, if you dare.

But just know that if you're worried about where you've been clicking and who's been watching you, it's all by design!

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