Longfellow Elementary School 5th graders release results of their 2016 toy survey

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HOUSTON --  Here at NewsFix, we've seen our share of press conferences. Sometimes they lack what you might call the “cute” factor, but not in this case!

Annie is a 5th grader at Longfellow Elementary School, and the first at the podium during Tuesday’s press conference.

“We hope that our research will help parents have less stress about what to get their child for the holidays,” Annie said, calling it a "win" for parents.

Annie and her fellow 5th graders released the results of their annual Toy Survey.  It involves an entire month of tedious scientific research, control groups broken down by grade level and by gender.  And something they call synergizing.

They collected data and conducted interviews on the playground, in the classrooms and the cafeteria.  They kept spreadsheets, created charts and made graphs.

Hard work?  You bet!  But the results are worth it!

According to Jacob, “If you get something on our list, chances are your child will love it. So kids win!”

Jessica Horger is a 2nd grade teacher at Longfellow and one of the administrative sponsors for the Toy Survey.

“They really enjoy working together and being able to kind of be the teachers themselves and go around and ask questions and put everything together on their own," Horger said.

Their top five findings for girls of all ages are: 5. Yummy Nummies, 4. Stuffed animals, 3. Play-Doh, 2. Emoji toys.

Taylor says, “Our top ranking for all girls was Easy Bake Oven!”

And for boys: 5. Pokemon, 4. Sports stuff, 3. Nerf toys, 2. Minecraft.

Jesse says, “Number one, video games!”

Once again, Annie steps up to the podium. “This ends our press conference. We would like to thank you for coming!”

This is what you call a real toy story!

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