UH students petition to save Chinese Star restaurant on campus

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HOUSTON -- A beloved family-owned Chinese restaurant on the University of Houston campus might be closing its doors after 26 years.

But some students and alumni want to save Chinese Star, calling it a treasured landmark.

“I really hope this place gets saved, because it's been here since my aunts went to college here,” said Brittney Jenkins.

“I enjoy coming here, so I go right across to law school here, it’s a convenient place. I love talking to the owner here, she’s really friendly,” Chris Hsu said.

Students started a Change.org petition, aimed at Aramark, to keep Chinese Star open. While Aramark does have a food service contract with the University of Houston, and is planned to operate whatever replaces the property, it doesn’t have the final say.

It’s actually the university that made the decision not to renew with Chinese Star, and is moving in another direction.

The university has been surveying students, faculty and other sources, and expects a decision in Spring of 2017 on what will be here at the end of Calhoun.

The owner, a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant whose been serving the students like they were her own family for nearly three decades, doesn’t want to move.

“I know a lot of people are helping me. I told them if they change their mind, anytime, I will like to stay,” said Priscilla Yng.

The petition has over 700 signatures so far, and as the end of the fall semester approaches, they hope for more.

“I feel like family when I come here to eat. I didn’t know anything about it until today, and I’m ready to sign the paper myself, to keep it here,” said Phillip Tippie.

But whether or not a Change.org petition can stop change from coming to the University of Houston, is yet to be seen.

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