Inside Story: Best ways to celebrate Campsgiving

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HOUSTON — Most folks think of Thanksgiving as a time to relax at home, on the couch, with family — right? But has anyone else noticed a more camp-y feel to the holiday?

Welcome to Campsgiving 2016! Where we show you three ways to camp out turkey-style.

There's always the traditional camper. Enjoying 5000 acres of wilderness and wildlife at state parks like Brazos Bend in Needville. We found families camping out on Thanksgiving for years, turkey fryer included!

Perhaps you despise trees and nature, for one reason or another. Some folks would rather camp out in the concrete jungle. Line up in tent row days before your dream item goes on sale for Black Friday.

Hungry for pie? You might not camp out for days, but camp out nonetheless. On line at the flying saucer pie company, some say the crust itself is to worth the wait.

So pitch a tent, stay awhile and we`ll all have a happy Campsgiving together.