TMZ: Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame to be under 24-hour watch

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Talk about getting the star treatment!

Not only does President-elect Donald Trump receive around the clock Secret Service protection, now his Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame is also getting extra security, according to TMZ.

The Los Angles Police Department has been called in to protect and serve the Trump star Hollywood — 24/7!

Last month, a guy posing as a construction worker was videotaped destroying the hard rock structure.

Authorities later charged James Otis with felony vandalism, and he faces up to three years in prison. Now Trump’s star has been restored to it’s former glory — and two LA foot patrol officers are assigned to be on high alert for any future vandal attacks.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which maintains the Walk of Fame, has constructed a protective barrier around the monument for further protection.

There’s even ’round the clock video surveillance set up to monitor the sidewalk.

If anyone with a sledgehammer decides to return to the scene of the crime, they better watch out!

Yes, all it needs now is a velvet rope.

That’s one lucky star!