Texas has an electoral college dropout

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LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas - College may not be for everyone.  But, what about the electoral college? That seems to be a horse of a different color. Or in this case, an elephant of a different color. One republican elector from Texas says he`s resigning before the official vote next month.

Members of the electoral college will vote Dec. 19. But Art Sisneros from Liberty County says he can't "in good conscience vote for Donald Trump."

Sisneros pledged he would vote to send Trump to the White House. But now, he just can't bring himself to follow-through.

"So the other electors will meet, pick somebody to take his place, to cast that vote for Donald Trump for president," Paul Simpson of Harris County Republican Party Chairman said.

Sisneros will resign his position, which probably sounds better on a resume than "college drop out!"

In other post-election news, the group at the center of Trump's voter fraud allegations is tied to the Bayou City.

True the Vote is a Houston area tea party organization endorsing Trump's claim millions of illegals cast votes for Hillary Clinton during the election.

Recounting the votes in three key states is being pushed hard by green party candidate, Jill Stein.  Wisconsin  and Michigan should start the process this week. Followed by Pennsylvania if Stein can get the hundreds of petitions necessary.  It's unlikely, though, to change the result.

Wow!  So much drama surrounding the oval office, and The Donald hasn't even moved in, yet!

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