The long farewell to Fidel begins

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HAVANA, Cuba -  Cubans begin bidding farewell to Fidel Castro with a 21-gun salute in the nation's capital. Castro was sick for years and died Friday at age 90.

There will be a series of ceremonies all week in honor of the man who governed Cuba and shaped the nation for nearly half a century. During the official mourning, which runs through this Sunday's funeral, there will be no music, no liquor sales and no baseball played in Cuba.

Though, not all Cuban Americans are mourning Castro.

"I was with my dad when he found out the news that Fidel Castro was dead," says Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. "And he simply said 'Praise God.'"

Though he has not been in power for eight years, Castro was many things. Depending on who you ask, he was either a tyrant, a revolutionary, a brutal dictator, or a heroic president.

Gilda Balladares emigrated from Cuba at age 11. "He was a symbol, and now symbol is gone."

Many Cuban exiles were separated from family forever.  Cruz adds, "For a man who has tortured and murdered and oppressed for so many, it is thankful he is no longer with  us."

Through Twitter, Cruz is calling for America's leaders to stand with Cuban victims and boycott Castro's funeral.

Castro was cremated on Saturday and ever since,  lines of Cubans have been continuously lining up to view his ashes in Havana's Revolutionary Square.  But one Cuban family living in Miami is celebrating his death in a very unique way.  Their mannequin challenge has gone viral.

Castro was a towering force on the island of Cuba.  He outlasted 10 U.S. presidents. Regardless of your personal feelings, there's no question, his death marks the end of a chapter in Cuban history.

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