Viral Vid: Shopper attacks Michaels employees racially-charged rant 

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CHICAGO — 'Tis the season for joy and happiness and spreading good cheer...and customers from Hell who scream in stores and go on racist rants!

"You screamed at me from across the store like you were in your own living're an animal!" the customer yells at an African-American cashier at a Michaels store in Chicago.

This crazy customer went on a profanity-laced, racially-charged rant at the cashier and her manager who were both African-American.

"I am making a report against you!" the woman screamed. "You discriminated against me twice!"

"The things she screamed at all those employees, nobody should be subject to that abuse," Jessie Grady, the passing shopper who filmed the whole altercation on her cellphone, said.

"You're not going to give me some sort of liberal lecture about who's a human," the customer continues in her rant. "Your job is to ring people up and to tell them to 'have a nice day.'"

Now the video Grady posted has gone viral with more than two million views!

And Grady said the store manager really handled the incident well.

"She was so professional, never raised her voice with this woman, gave her multiple chances to complete purchase, and [the costumer] kept screaming and calling her names."

And the customer even threw politics into the mix.

"I did vote for Trump!  Yes, I did. You have a problem with that? The last person who said out loud they voted for Trump got beat up. So, what you're all gonna beat me up?"

Michaels issued a statement saying, "We do not tolerate discrimination or racism of any kind against our team members or customers."

They said they are grateful for the way their manager handled the situation.

As for that unruly customer....well, she's probably still ranting somewhere!

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