Boy without arms competes on Houston Olympic bowling team

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HOUSTON — Brendan "Beebo" West of Deer Park is one of 600 atheletes among the Special Olympics Texas bowlers from the Greater Houston Area.

Despite being born with Roberts Syndrome, which caused him to born without arms, West is able to bowl with his feet at the event taking place at the Copperfield Bowling Center.

In October, West was recognized as the statewide Male Athlete of the Year for the 15-21 age range.

He also plays basketball.  He's learning how to dribble, while continuing to work on maintaining control of the ball. Outside of his time with his coach, Brendan continues to practice and develop his basketball skills with his father Ray at home.

“He does every drill you see the other kids doing,” said Ann West, Brendan’s mother. “He can even make a 10 foot shot.”

The family said West so good that he has been invited to two basketball ProCamps — one led by former Rockets player Hakeem Olajuwon and another by Rockets star James Harden.

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