Kanye’s doctor also asked for police! 911 calls released after star’s mental breakdown

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LOS ANGELES — Plenty of people have had a good time poking fun at crazy Kanye West the past few years, but maybe the joke is finally over. For the first time, we're hearing 911 calls from the day he was hospitalized for some kind of psychotic episode.

A man identifying himself as Kanye's doctor made the call, asking the dispatcher to send police as well as an ambulance. The doctor said, "Yeah, I'm actually one of his doctors I'm just calling from my cell phone to request that we have a police backup because I don't think the paramedics, you know."

The doctor must have been worried for West's safety, or maybe his own, because again he tells dispatch to send police, even though it's a medical emergency. He told dispatch, "I think he's definitely going to need to be hospitalized so i wouldn't just do the police by itself."

Much of the call has been redacted by the L.A. fire department for privacy. But Kanye's behavior must have been erratic enough that the operator told the doctor to keep any weapons away from him.

He told the doctor, "Sir, if you could just keep an eye on him. Just try not to... Don't let him get any weapons or anything like that. If anything changes, if he does become physically combative between now and when the police and/or paramedics get there, call us back immediately at 911."

Just before the incident, West canceled the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour following a series of bizarre performance and rants on stage.

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