Over 600 vehicles approved by sketchy state-licensed inspector in Houston, officers say

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A Houston woman has been arrested after investigators said she cut corners while inspecting 632 vehicles on behalf of Texas government.

Kia Crystal Hanks, 36, faces two counts of tampering with a government record, which is a second-degree felony.

The Constable Mark Herman’s Emissions Task Force said Hank was arrested at the Speedy Laser Lube in the 10800 block of Homestead Road. The business is a state-licensed vehicle inspection station where investigators said Hanks had conducted numerous fraudulent vehicle inspections using a procedure called “clean scanning.”

The suspect is accused of bypassing the emissions and safety portions of the state mandated vehicle inspection. The fraudulent inspections happened over the last six months, officers said.

Vehicles that are not properly tested may be dispersing toxic emissions into the air and allows unsafe vehicles to be driven on public roads.

Hanks bail is set at 10,000 for each charge.