Parking tickets pile up on car with dead man in driver’s seat— yet no one notices!

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A Florida woman made a jaw-dropping discovery after peeking into a car that had collected five parking tickets within four days— all while parked in the same spot.

As the tickets started racking up, Carolyn White looked inside the car to see what could be going on. To her surprise, she found a course slouched in the driver's seat. Investigators later identified it as the body of Jacob Morpeau, 62.

"I'm like 'Oh my God, please tell me this man is not dead,'" White said.

Florida police said from Nov. 12 -15, Morpeau's body was rotting inside his car. During this time, four different parking officers came by to ticket his car. Local residents are wondering how the officers never the dead body.

"You saw four tickets on the car already, and you don't say 'what's up with this?' There was flies," resident Walter Shaw said. "All they had to do was pay attention."

The city is not commenting on the officers' lack of attention. They are just saying the $160 worth of tickers are being dismissed due to "extenuating circumstances.'

Shaw is still in disbelief.

"It was the craziest thing I ever saw," he said. "Nobody even looked inside to say, I mean, is this guy in trouble or what?"

It's a good reminder: if something does not look right, it probably is not!