Mother of girl allegedly kidnapped by 3 Cypress Springs HS students has message for other boys, girls

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- Three Cypress Springs High School students are accused of kidnapping one of their classmates with the intent of each having sex with her, according to Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District police.

Justin Rashaud Broadway, 18; Ryan Jeng, 17; and Imanuel Rizig, 17, were all charged with aggravated kidnapping. Bond amounts for each teen were set at $30,000.

The trio are accused of snatching one of their classmates from school, taking her to a home against her will, and trying to pass her around for an afternoon of sex.

What happened on Nov. 28 is a "he said vs. she said" tale between teens, but in the end, surveillance video led investigators to believe the victim.

Court documents detail sordid accounts between the three teenage boys, who appear to view sex as a game, and a girl they say had a bad reputation.

According to the victim, she was walking in the hall after "C" lunch, which runs from 12:19 p.m. to 12:44 p.m., when she was approached by an unknown male student. The girl said the boy grabbed her by the wrist and told her to "come on." The girl said she tried to pull away, but the boy was too strong and she could not break his grip. The girl said the boy pulled her down the hallway and out the building. He took her to a car and locked her inside until three more boys arrived. They then drove her to a house, dropping off one of the boys at another home first, then took her to an upstairs bedroom.

The girl said one of the boys went into the room with her and asked to have sex, but she refused. Another one came in and pushed her on the bed, asking again for sex, but she refused him as well.

The girl said, after a period of time, she grabbed her purse and left the house.

The following day, another female student came forward reporting to an assistant principal what she thought was a possible abduction.

The girl said while in Chemistry class, she saw a girl appearing to being dragged against her will across campus and forced into a car.  She said many students watched what was happening from a classroom window, but none of them said anything. They all sat down when the teacher entered the room.

From the witness' description of her viewpoint, investigators were able to pull surveillance video of what occurred at the school.

Video shows the victim walking down the hallway after lunch when she is approached by a boy wearing a black jacket and blue shorts. The boy is seen on video grabbing the girl by the arm and pulling her down the hallway. The girl is seen trying to pull away from the boy, but is not successful. The boy pulls the girl out of the building and escorts her across the front of the school. It shows the girl trying to escape again, but the boy not letting her go. It shows the girl being held at a black vehicle until three more boys approached, then all of them drive away together.

The assistant principal recognized two of the boys in the video immediately. One of the boys -- Broadway -- was actually in the principal's office at the time and investigators asked the victim -- who was being interviewed -- to look at him. She immediately identified Broadway as the one who grabbed her in the hallway and took her to the car.

"That's him, that's the guy," she said without hesitation, according to court documents.

After rounding up all the boys, investigators began to hear their sides of the story.

Two things remained consistent from Jeng, Rizig and Broadway;  none of them knew the girl personally, but all of them blamed her "reputation" as a reason for picking her that day.

Broadway told investigators he "knew of" the girl through mutual friends. He said she had a reputation of sleeping around, so they wanted to know if she would have sex with them.

Broadway said he approached the girl in the cafeteria, and took her to Jeng. He said Jeng and the girl had a conversation, in which she allegedly agreed to have sex with Jeng.  Rizig then allegedly handed Broadway his keys and asked him to walk the girl to the car. Broadway said he did, and the other three met them outside.

Broadway told investigators that the girl agreed to have sex with Jeng, but said she did not want to have sex with Rizig.

Broadway said when they got to the house, he and Rizig began to play video games while Jeng went into the bedroom with the girl to see if he could "go first."

Jeng then came back downstairs-- after the girl rejected him -- and said she was "playing and wanted to talk first."  Rizig then went upstairs to try, and the girl rejected him as well, according to court documents.

He said the girl then came downstairs and said, "I'm not a [expletive]. I don't know who y'all think I am, I'm not about to just sit here and [expletive]."

Broadway said Jeng and the girl went back upstairs, and he and Rizig paused their game and went to see what was going on.

Broadway said he heard the girl saying she was not about to do it, and Jeng asking her why did she agree to come, because she said "yes" at school.  Broadway said Jeng then told the girl that since he wasted his gas money bringing her to the house, and not having sex, then he was not going to give her a ride back.

He said the girl then walked out on her own.

Investigators also interviewed the boy who was dropped off by the other students before they headed to the house with the girl. That boy also admitted not knowing the girl, but said he did hear a conversation between the other three boys about "flipping" her. "Flipping," the student explained, was passing the girl from one person to the next to have sex.

He said, to his knowledge, Broadway, Jeng and Rizig have "flipped" with other "willing" girls in the past.

Investigators reviewed surveillance video to see whose story matched up.

While the boys said the girl went with them willingly and agreed to have sex, video shows the girl being taken out of the school by Broadway and trying to break free several times. The video does not show any conversation between the girl and the boys in the cafeteria that day. Charges were filed against all three boys who took the girl to the house.

Cypress ISD issued the following statement:

"We are extremely concerned by the serious nature of the charges that lead to the arrest of three Cypress Springs High School students. We are cooperating fully with law enforcement in this case."

The victim's mother, who says her daughter has a disability, has a message for other young girls and boys.

"I would say to young girls, always be aware of your surroundings and some things are not you fault. Just stay strong and think smart! For young men -- one day you'll be someone's father and you wouldn't want bad things to happen to your daughters or family members, so think before you react," she said.